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Special 99 cent Deal on Ben Bova's EXILES TRILOGY

Mar 28, 2012   [permalink]

I think this is something y'all might like...

I'm having ReAnimus Press put the ebook of Ben Bova's THE EXILES TRILOGY on 99¢ sale on Amazon for a very limited time, so grab it while it's hot!

Here's the link on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005V54Z1O Exiles Trilogy cover

Y'all know I love doing experiments to see what's really what. Hence we're doing a pricing test, to see if 99¢ is the super sales driver that many folks say it is. Ben's books have been selling great, and THE EXILES TRILOGY one of the best among them; but there's this meme that says 99¢ is a magical price point, and is hugely better overall. So if it's actually better, well, heck, we'd want to go there. Like any good mad scientist I'm skeptical, thus conducting zee experiment, Mwuhahahahaha. Our experiment in a lower price is your gain, sooooo here we go!

So do enjoy the book and our special price. Not to mention, feel free to spread the word. The better the pricing test goes the more likely we are to put other books at 99¢, and this is your chance for input. Happy reading!

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