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Milestone: AAP reports ebooks are now the #1 book format

Apr 17, 2011   [permalink]

This is another one of those milestones worth noticing. The Association of American Publishers (AAP - industry group of all major publishers) reports that ebooks are now the top selling format among trade books. That is, more ebooks are sold than hardbacks, more than paperbacks, etc.

Ebook sales for Feb. were, yet again, TRIPLE last year. The exponential growth I projected by the S-curve continues, as projected.

For the year to date, ebooks were 27% of sales. Wow.

Print book sales declined 24.8%. Eek. (But don't say I didn't tell you so.) Ebooks are continuing on the path toward replacing print.

I certainly hope everyone's taking ebooks seriously at this point. The indicators still point toward the next milestone to watch for: ebooks exceeding 50% of sales. In other words, ebooks overtaking print. Considering that there's no sign of any slowing in the voracious upward climb of ebooks, and as ereader prices keep dropping, my guess is that, give or take, we'll see that milestone next year.

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