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What's the best price for an ebook? -- A Survey

Dec 17, 2010   [permalink]

Hi all, I'm conducting a little survey that should be of interest to us all.

As more sales move to ebooks, and particularly as more authors move to selling ebooks directly, it's critical for us to know what's the best price to put on an ebooks to maximize our income. If you double the price and sell more than 1/2 as many copies, you come out ahead; if you sell less than half you might lose money. Finding out which is best is clearly in our best interest. (This is as relates to ebooks we sell directly, which is getting to be a more and more attractive proposition.)

Thus I'm conducting a survey at


to collect data on how ebook prices relate to unit sales, called the "Elasticity of Demand." (Even if your goal is to build a reader base rather than maximize income, you'll still want to know how pricing relates to sales. Perhaps pricing something too low is actually harmful... the only way to find out is to analyze the data.) There's also the question of pricing vs. length for those who sell articles / short stories vs. books. This information doesn't seem to be available online - at least, I haven't seen it, so please point me to it if you have - thus I decided to collect it for our mutual information.

So please enter your last 6 months sales data. (Or shorter or longer if that's easier for you. The more data the better, but things have been changing so fast that data going back more than a year may not be relevant, so I want to cap it at a year, maximum.) What's important is that you report data from all your titles for the same period of time, even if they sold 0 copies.

Your data are entered anonymously and only include #copies/price/length, so there's nothing personally sensitive.

Thanks for your input!

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