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Evidence Found of First Internet, Early 1900s

Dec 17, 2010   [permalink]

In my role as the founder of the world's first Internet service provider, it's my duty to keep you updated on the proper history of the Internet.

Google's new "Books Ngram Viewer" has found evidence of the long lost "First Internet." The First Internet, if you'll recall, is the Atlantis-like theory — some would call it Atlantis-like "conspiracy theory" but pish, tosh! — that the Internet was in fact invented once before, long ago, then vanished.

And here, my friends, we have concrete evidence. Just search the word "internet" in the Ngram viewier, the truth is there. Yes, in the early 1900s, Google proves to us, the Internet was mentioned significantly in books of the day. Looking at the enlargement, one can see the term was in even wider use from 1895-1910 than it was in the 1980s.

Then it mysteriously disappears from use by 1910, just as the rumors foretold.

Thanks to Google, the truth is out there.

One mystery solved, another one opened.


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