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New Comment System - Beta Testers Wanted

Sep 12, 2012   [permalink]

New comments system! Need beta testers! The old comment system I had on my blog and other pages is going kaput in a couple weeks, so I'm installing a new one that I wrote. (This is different from the discussion forums. In fact, my new one -uses- the discussion forums.) Having been burned now by the one going away on me, and what with the general disdain companies have for customers nowadays, I decided not to use another third-party system and get burned again down the road. So I've crafted my own, integrating it with the existing discussion forum system that I run.

I could use some folks to test it out to see if it works okay. Leave a message on this blog entry and let me know if you have any problems.

(Or, you can leave a [meaningful, on-topic] comment on any of the other Captain's Blog entries on if the mood strikes you, but please restrict the non-meaningful Test 1 2 3 just to this one.)


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