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THE MARS MONOPOLY - an original Ace Double by Star Trek master Jerry Sohl

Jul 8, 2012   [permalink]

How fun is this? We're doing two Ace Doubles by Jerry Sohl. Okay, two halves of Ace Doubles. (If you aren't familiar with the famous Ace Doubles, they were two science fiction novels by two different authors, bound back to back, upside down. You'd read one then flip it over.) So THE MARS MONOPOLY is one of two Ace Doubles that Jerry Sohl did, which we're publishing with the wonderful original cover art.


ReAnimus Press Store: http://ReAnimus.com/store?item=1222
Amazon: http://Amazon.com/dp/B008IJW7UG

It's classic science fiction, and the story itself is just plain fun. I've read it and really enjoyed it. It's in that "competent man struggles against evil trying to save the day" style that has made science fiction so great (that is, like most Heinlein or Asimov, and unlike so much of the newer stuff that seems to despise the world and think there's no hope). Call me old-fashioned, but I like stories with intelligent, honorable characters trying to do what's right.

Here's the blurb, based mostly on the original one:

A guy's gotta earn a living someplace—and if it isn't on Earth, it might as well be on Mars. That is if the Syndicate would let you live on the red planet. Bert Schaun found himself washed-up as a round-the-world rocket racer, blacklisted by Thornton McAllister. He tried to make a new life for himself prospecting for uranium in the lonesome vastness of the asteroids.

But McAllister's fury hunted him even to Mars; the issue became a struggle to stay alive against the dangers imposed by McAllister's interplanetary power. And then Bert met Emma, and found that he was not only fighting for his own survival and his sweetheart's, but for the survival, too, of a whole race of Martian outcasts.

Singlehandedly, he had to combat genocide on Mars!

Jerry Sohl is the author of over two dozen books, as well as many scripts for Star Trek, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, and numerous other TV shows and feature films.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

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