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Something Wicked This Way Came

Jun 7, 2012   [permalink]

Well, in all the time I've lived in Denver, which is to say nearly all my life, I've never before been awakened at Midnight by tornado sirens.

Rarely get tornado sirens at all. Tornados around here are uncommon, usually east of us, and almost always during the day.

So, groggy and turning on the TV to find there was indeed a tornado warning for our neighborhood, we clumped down to the basement.

After the warning itself expired we watched the storm, which had the absolute most lightning in it that I've ever seen. Just continuous flashing. None seemed to hit the ground, just arcing through the clouds. The storm itself moved very slowly, which again is rare. Usually they cruise on out of here; this one just hung around in more or less one spot for well over an hour; maybe two.

But it had had very little bite around here. No damage here, just a helluva show.

A very Ray Bradbury-esque storm. Not bloody gore, just massively impressive, and scary in a beautiful way. All at the Witching Hour. A great tribute of a storm as his spirit passed by.

So long, Ray. You'll be missed.

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