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Looking for Volunteers Who Sell Books, for an Experiment

Jun 21, 2014   [permalink]

Y'all know I love experiments...

Sooo, I'm trying an experiment with a physical means of selling ebooks—and looking for volunteers... You get free ebooks (an All Access Pass to ReAnimus's entire ebook catalog), the fun of participating in an innovative experiment, and, of course, you get a share of the proceeds. :)

So, do any of you out there happen to sell print books in person? For example, at a dealer's table at cons, or if you work in a book store, or some other store that has books on a shelf, etc.

(This experiment doesn't apply to online sales or mail order, since it's already easy to sell ebooks online.)

This experiment would be selling ReAnimus's titles (Ben Bova, Robert Silverberg, etc.), but if it proves viable, it could be of use to all authors who want to sell ebooks of their work through bookstores, cons, and so on.

If you do work with physical book sales, let me know if you're interested in helping with the experiment! Should be quite interesting.

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