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Nooks now got Apps

Apr 25, 2011   [permalink]

Cool: I just read that B&N has enhanced the color Nook's software to allow it to run apps. It already runs the Android system underneath the hood, so this was probably pretty easy for them. They aren't allowing just any apps (though I suspect one could jailbreak it to do so), meaning it isn't an iPad replacement, but it's definitely another step toward the convergence of functions onto all devices.

It already has a web browser, now enhanced to play Flash content (something the iPad can't, and a major deficiency), and read email. And apps include important ones like, er, Angry Birds. :)

If you already have a Nook, you can upgrade the software to this version.

For $249 in color that's pretty spiffy. Ebooks keep marchin' on.

Nook- the award winning Barnes and Noble eReader with 3G and WIFI

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