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Comments for: The Horror Zine

The comments below are from those who voted for this entry. (To add a comment, visit the voting page and vote for this entry.)

The Horror Zine is a killer publication that never fails to provide their readers with a plethora of talent, from established names in the genre - to new blood, the Horror Zine always keeps you coming back for more.

Great source for undiscovered writers.

Excellent combination of new and established writers.

great source for hooror fans

Great fiction.

Jeani Rector is AWESOME! She helps others so much, she absolutely deserves this! -Kyle Rea

The Horror Zine is an amazing place to come visit--bringing together the more well-known authors in the business, and the lesser knowns together, looking for a chance to make a name for themselves one day, too. Mrs. Rector works very hard to help undiscovered authors get the recognition they deserve, and she goes above and beyond the expectations of a normal editor, and even goes so far to assist them with finding markets for their other work and giving them helpful feedback on other projects not associated with The Horror Zine. If there is any e-zine that deserves this award, it would be The Horror Zine for all the time and effort Mrs. Rector, and all her contributors, put fourth, in order to create the awesomeness that it has become today. - D. Carey

A fabulous magazine, always containing well written chilling tales. Jeani Rector is an inspirational driving force behind the excellent e-zine. Always an e-zine I visit each month. Very good job!

Love the fiction and poetry in this zine!

Jeani has done a really good job keeping the impetus of the magazine going since its inception and it's full of great horror stuff.

Jeani Rector does a fantastic job with The Horror Zine

Jeani Rector really cares about the writers she publishes, the genre, and the craft as a whole. The Horror Zine is a great online venue.

Jeani Rector doesn't just publish good poems (which she does), she publishes good poets and supports their work (mine included).

The Horror Zine publishes the works of both published authors and aspiring authors with potential. The magazine's got my full support!

The Horror Zine publishes the works of both published authors and aspiring authors with potential. The magazine's got my vote and full support!

The Horror Zine never fails to serve up a plethora of established and new writers each month. A real dark treat.

Some of the best new horror poetry I have come across, has been straight from the pages of The Horror Zine.

The Horror Zine would be a well-deserved winner of this award. The poetry featured in the Zine is always a very engaging and cerebral experience.

Enthusiastic and fresh! I love it!

Love it!

I like the Horror zine !

I do like the Horror Zine !

The Horror Zine absolutely deserves the award for Best Fiction e-zine. Of the contemporary horror and science fiction zines that I regularly read, the Zine typically offers the most intriguing and original new speculative works of late!

The Horror Zine is a great magazine and the editor is wonderful to work with.

The Horror Zine is one of the best e-zines out there.

This is an exceptional ezine; original and exciting. Jeani Rector does an incredible job.

They also publish illustrations and short stories. There is a lot of variety in the poetry they publish.

The Horror Zine reliably delivers, on time, with great horror, news, fun 'morbid' pieces and 'oddities.' They publish art, poetry, new and established writers. They're very approachable, they put out an annual anthology of writing--it's my favourite!

Good cast of authors. Longevity and consistency.

The Horror Zine is a great magazine !

When it comes to all things horror, this magazine is a one stop wonder. Fiction, poetry, interviews of and articles by some of the top names in the genre- all here!

The Horror Zine has a simple and aesthetic layout which makes it easy to navigate the site. This is only secondary to the quality of work displayed within the zine.

The Horror Zine offers new and established writers a forum for their fiction and readers a fresh look at up-and-coming authors. The editor, Jeani Rector, will also work with the writers on their stories so that only the best is published. That's something you don't find with many e-zines today!

The magazine contains amazing stories from both unknown and known writers. The artwork is great also.

A great site that updates regularly and always has new content.

Love the editor Jeani Rector and the talented writers she features.

Consistent quality Well constructed

Continually provides exciting new dark fiction from new writers, still making their way up the ladder, as well as legendary wordsmiths like Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Piers Anthony and Joe Lansdale... and so many more.

This is the third one and it's better than ever

The Horror Zine is very eclectic and inclusive. Always something unexpected and delightfully scary.

Jeani Rector continues to astound with unusual works of horror fiction she publishes in The Horror 'Zine.

Great variety of new and established writers.

Because she's cool and professional!

Jeani Rector has published two of my stories with a third to appear in the Horror Zine anthology. She is a keen and careful editor. She has improved the stories I have submitted for publication.

A quality publication!

They're very interesting and original!!

Best horror zine ever. Excellent writers and art and design.

Vibrant and daring!

I think Jeani Rector is one of the hardest working and nicest editors out there, and will help any writer with anything.

Great reads by authors with a fresh twist to horror writing.

Action packed, scary fiction, well written

The Horror Zine is always a delight.

Edgy - well written

Everything from the cover art to the poetry and short stories is enthralling, one-of-a-kind. Also, as a writer who has contributed poems to this publication, the editors frequently forward drafts to the authors prior to sending a final copy to the publisher. As someone who has been writing for two decades, I have never had a publication keep in such remarkable communication as well as The Horror Zine Magazine.

The best Zine out there at the moment!

The Horror Zine is my first choice. I regard it as having the best stories and poems.

I regard the Horror Zine as having the best poetry among the others.

The standard bearer for some time now and for good reason; the big and eventually big names meeting on common ground.

The Horror Zine offers great dark fiction from new and established writers. Always a refreshing and disturbing read!

the horror zine is the absolute best in horror fiction. the diversity of its content is astounding.

A superbly run zine with a mix of classic horror writers and new talent.

Horror Zone is a first class zine with a scrupulously careful, thorough editor.

The horror zine is the best!

Always excellent!

Brilliant Ezine for new, upcoming and established writers alike.

Features great horror-genre poetry

The Horrorzine has consistently published works by established, and talented upcoming poets. Sometimes humorous, sometimes dark, sometimes thought provoking- always top notch.

The best variety of dark poetry!

I absolutely love The Horror Zine, which I myself have contributed to in the past (I am a multi-genre freelance writer). I always look forward to reading the contents of The Horror Zine each month, particularly the poetry section (which usually features the wonderful writer, Joe R. Lansdale.

The Horror Zine is a wonderful place for budding writers to submit work in the horror genre. Jeani Rector, the editor, is lovely to work with and she works hard to offer revision suggestions and ensure the work is published as the writer intends.

best horror poetry can be found at the horror zine

the horror zine publishes the best horror poetry

The Horror Zine is one of the few magazines out there that will give a new writer a break. That's important so the new generation of authors can get their foot in the door.

Consistently fine work! Never fails

Superior effort - issue after issue!

This is the real deal. It delivers the best in horror.

Love the writing in this anthology. Absolutely riveting!

Excellent work!

The Horror Zine is an absolutely excellent publication. Its online and print issues are illustrated well and entail superb literature.

The poetry in The Horror Zine is as chilling as the stories.

Jeani Rector is a quality editor: feedback, positivity, and worthwhile critique. The Zine itself is excellent, but the personal touch with authors and contributors makes it a first class operation.

My hats off to Jeani Rector, who leads The Horror Zine. I know what hard work leading a magazine can be. A superb job, Jeani!

The Horrorzine is an exceptional publication. It features some maverick authors and poets and showcases griundbreaking, original literature.

The calibre of poetry and poets in this publication is truly incredible. I see this as a platform for tomorrows poetry greats.

Great mag, great layout, and great writing!

Great poetry and great poets

The Horror Zine has given me hours and hours of entertainment.

This is a broad spectrum horror magazine that features established and break out authors. The editor has a way of bringing out the best in her contributors.

Jeani always publishes the unexpected.

Jeani is such a supporter of emerging writers.

An editor of careful and accurate precision, painstaking, perceptive and thorough

Careful editing, good stories, excellent poetry

They published my poetry and conducted themselves well and professionally at all times. Saloni

Horror Zine is a horror kid's best friend. It contains quality artwork, fiction, articles and poetry from big name to up and coming writers, poets, and artist. I can't rave enough about it!

Horror Zine is the one place where I can get a finger on the pulse of what's going on in Dark and horror verse!

Great editor, good mag, great content. Published a story with them last year and it was a great experience, also enjoyed reading the mag. Kudos!

The Horror Zine is a good mixture of different styles of poetry which explore key themes within the horror genre.

The Horror Zine has a wonderful blend of short stories which explore the theme of fear from a variety of different angles and perspectives.

Always a good selection of writers.

The 'Horror Zine' publishes a nice assortment of horror fiction--always an interesting mix.

This magazine is full of amazing fiction and it's been very generous to me, as I am still working my way up the ladder.

I found the poetry in this zine both dark and satisfying! It's very generous to its authors and shows recognition when it is due.

I found the poetry in this zine both dark and satisfying! It's very generous to its authors and shows recognition when it is due.

There are many pages of beautiful artwork and wonderful writing to stay frightfully enlightened through the darkest of days.

I love the stories and the chance to read new and up and coming Authors. Sincerely, Timothy Wilkie

I am proud to sponsor the Horror Zine - Jeani Rector and her staff are very thoughtful and considerate. And the site is well-known for promoting up-and-coming artists the world over. Best wishes! Charles

The Horror Zine is an outstanding e-zine -- always has great stories, poems and articles!

The Horror Zine has long been a favorite publication of mine. The stories, art, and poetry are always outstanding. Jeani Rector one of the best editors going. I have been a fan of hers since the early 2000s, and always will be.

The poetry in The Horror Zine is always well-crafted and chilling!

She is so nice!

I like this entrant because Jeani Rector works especially hard editing her print magazine. She sends her magazine several times for us to change errors. My name is spelled 'FEILD.' She NEVER spells it 'FIELD.' I have problems with this spelling with many other publishers.' Claire T. Feild

I love reading these stories!


Best ever!

Simply the best dark poetry.

The Horror Zine is the state of the art in speculative fiction, poetry and illustrations. It provides good exposure for established writers and those just starting to publish.


The Horror Zine is the only on line speculative fiction magazine that routinely publishes high quality poetry.


Amazing writers, psychological scares, best all-around horror magazine!

The Horror Zine carries on the true mission of horror, publishing stories that speak to our fears, allowing us to experience them vicariously from the comforts of home.

Always outstanding layout & talent.

The work found on the website and in the pages is amazing! (please look up The Horror Zine on

I love Horrorzine. It has all types of stories, some are really scary. Love them.

A wonderful ezine with a superb blend of short stories in the horror genre.

Perihelion SF has grown into a fantastic read. The latest update of the webzine has put it into the same realms as clarkesworld and Astounding SF as the new places for SF fans to go. The editor was excellent in communicating with me when I submitted my story and the payments they make help support emerging writers.

I Love this Journal

The poetry is always original and fresh

Great collection of art by a number of talented artists with a big variety of content.

Inspirational amazing dark poetry. Worth a visit.

Excellent communication and attention to detail and quality and a real effort to seek out fresh and unique voices

The Horror Zine contains a great mix of stories by both emerging as well as very-accomplished authors.

Great quality publication and well-edited. Love that it comes out frequently and is run by an editor who is obviously passionate about writers and artists and their work.

My buddy showed me this book, it's beyond cool

I'm a FAN!

I'm a FAN!

The Horror Zine is awesome and featured my photographs! I'm now a follower as the stories are amazing.

The Horror Zine consistently delivers the best in horror poetry.

Simply the Best!

Absolutely fabulous!

Unique in the way it Horrorzine showcases exciting poetry

They publish my poems, but the poems are good, as are the others; no stinting on quality.

Horror zine is by far hands and heads above any would-be competition.

The horror zine has always been my main stop off when searching the web for genre poetry. Every month brings at least one pleasant surprise! Usually more than one!

a magazine dedicated to offering opportunities to new horror writer's, while combining with established writer's. An opportunity that many new writer's may not experience again.

Just really love the variety and selection of poetry here

Excellent magazine with thrilling stories. Very well done!

Best all-around!

Quality all the way. Great reading!

Interesting site with good articles and frightening fiction.

The Horror Zine continues to remain fresh, relevant & unique.

Very well put together, and colorful ezine.

Consistent high quality

Dedication to quality and excellence

Takes time to make editorial suggestions.

The Horror Zine is a great publication for both showcasing and discovering exceptional talent in the horror industry.

the best

She loves what she does.

Always interesting and intriguing poetry.

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