Workshop Admin Functions

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Reset: If you want to reset your Critter-counter (used to determine if you're over/under 75%), stop in here. Use this if, for example, you're so far behind you feel you'll never catch up. This resets you to zero critiques in zero weeks, as if you quit and rejoined. (Note that if you're already at zero currently, you'll be asked to do one critique for the privilege, so you'll get a "-1" critique credit.)

Crit count: A count of how many crits this week's mss. have so far (updated hourly) is here.

Receipts: A list of what critiques have been filed recently (in case you wonder if yours was received) is here.

RFDR: Info on doing an RFDR is here.

RFDR completion: To report when a dedicated reader is done, and award credit, go here.

Late/too short credit: To give credit to a critter whose critique of your piece was marked as late or too short, go here.

Forgotten password: If you've forgotten your password, go here.

Change Manuscript Title: If you absolutely have to change your manuscript title, go here.

Remove Manuscript: If you absolutely have to remove your manuscript from the queue, go here.

Change Genre of Manuscript: If you need to change the genre of your manuscript in the queue, go here.

Quit or go Inactive: If you want to go inactive (stop receiving manuscripts but stay on the weekly notes mailing list), or if you want to quit Critters for good, stop in here. Note that if you're only going on hiatus for a short time, you need not quit -- you should simply set your preferences to receive no emailed mss. or critiques. But read the quitting/inactivation page for more guidelines on whether it's best to quit or suspend email.

Web Ads: If you'd like to help spread the word, there are several web ads you can put on your site, Facebook, etc.

Flyer: If you're going to a con, and would like to place some Critters flyers on the literature table (almost all cons have these, where folks pick up flyers for other cons, magazines, special interest groups, etc.), there's a Critters flyer here. It's a PDF file. It has two flyers per page, so you should cut the sheets in half. I usually print up 50-100 for the first day (25-50 sheets, that is) -- more if it's a big con, e.g., a worldcon (if you know the con organizers, ask how many attendees they expect; I'd print about one flyer for every 4-5 attendees -- many con folk think themselves writers and/or take one of every piece of paper). If they fly off the table, I bring more the 2nd day. For maximum exposure, I usually print them on a variety of colored papers, and place two stacks on the table at opposite ends.