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Response Time Report

Record an escape from a Black Hole

So, maybe one of your manuscripts escaped from a black hole, eh? Or maybe you want to report one that's still lost near the event horizon? Proceed...

First, please tell us who you are, in case we need to verify that a report is correct. (And unless you choose to post this, your name and address will otherwise be kept confidential.)

Your name:
Your email address:

Pick a magazine or book market to report on:

If the market you want to report is not on that list, you may add it (then reload this form). Note that only paying markets are tracked.

Since editors may come and go or change their habits, we'd like to restrict the data to those responses received after 6/1/2007. Please enter the date you received your reply (or check "still waiting" if you'd like to report an outrageously long wait in progress; minimum is 60 for "still waiting", but your data will only make a difference if it's greater than the current maximum; and by the way, if you feel it's been "too long" you should politely query the editor if you haven't already).

Still waiting (and more than 60 days):
Response date (MM/DD/YY):

Enter the date you submitted the manuscript: (MM/DD/YY)

Type of response (or non-response):
 Rejection     Sale!     Withdrawal     Rewrite request     FYI     Other non sale   

If you'd like to automatically report this response time to the response times newsgroup at SFF.Net, check the box below. Doing so will release your name and email address -- it will appear as if you posted the message to the newsgroup. (Not checking the box will not post anything and will keep your data confidential.)

Yes, please post this:

You can also add any text you'd like (just like you were posting for real, which you are) -- e.g., what kind of response this was (sale, form reject, etc.) if the editor said anything others might be interested in ("gee, I really hate first person stories", etc.). It will be added below the data point you entered above. (If you're entering multiple responses and reusing this form, you'll want to clear this box out -- otherwise it will add your comments below each entry!)

Formatting: As is. You should hit Enter so the lines are not wider than the box.

Your data from today will be posted (if you said yes) in the wee hours of the morning (Mountain time zone).

If you want to check your data, the table of black hole sightings is here.

Please report problems to Andrew Burt.

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