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Comments for: Jeani Rector

The comments below are from those who voted for this entry. (To add a comment, visit the voting page and vote for this entry.)

Jeani is a marvelous editor. I sent her two not-very-good stories when she began the Horror Zine, and she was patient enough to tell me why they didn't work. Subsequently, she edited stories that were a bit better and helped me shape them into publishable, and readable, texts. She has done a lot of help me develop as a writer.

I am voting for Jeani Rector because of his commitment and passion for writing and her real pleasure to share them publicly via the internet or in publications...

I've worked with several editors of online magazines and Jeani is, by far, the best editor I've worked with. She has a great eye for detail and knows how to help writer cultivate a story. She's both accepted and denied my stories and I'm better for what she's done for my work.

Jeani Rector has been the best editor I've had the pleasure of working with. She deserves this more than anyone I can think of.

Jeanni Rector is a professional, thorough and supportive editor with an eye for detail. She is meticulous in her preparation and very committed. ed blundell

I've worked with Jeani as a contributor, and my writing has much improved from the experience

The Horror Zine

Jeani Rector is one of the nicest and most hard-working editors in the business today, and more people should aspire to be like her.

Jeani was extremely professional. She has good eye for great writing and is passionate about getting the best story out. Her editorial suggestions were on point and doesn't take away from the story in any way.

Jeani Rector is the best editor ever.

A great editor to work with.

Impeccable editing

Jeani has been a constant and consistent supporter of the horror genre, and of writers in general. Her work on The Horror Zine always producesd excellent results for the reader and, more importantly for me, as a writer who has been on the receiving end of her editorial red pen, she is never less than professional in all my dealings with her.

These anthonologies just keep getting better!

Jeani Rector has a good eye for the unusual.

Because she is dedicated and nice to deal with!

Jeani rector is not only a great author in her own right, she is an editor that has an uncanny eye for the best short stories and poems for The Horror Zine. She is a consummate professional and multi-talented writer.

My vote is for Jeannie Rector.

Jeani Rector has an uncanny knack for recognizing great horror fiction and has put together and maintained the best e-zine out there!

Great writing!

A very supportive editor who provides positive feedback to submitted material. Very impressed!

Jeanni Rector is a thorough and conscientious editor.

Jeani Rector is one of the few editors that will actually work with the writer on creating the best possible story for her ezine.

Ms Rector has proven herself an editor with a good eye for talent.

The most literate of all horror editors

I know many magazine editors of various genres, and Jeani Rector is one of the few excellent ones. She's pleasant and helpful. For these reasons, I made the effort to vote for her.

I appreciate all the effort and care Jeani places in The Horror Zine. The essence of what a good editor should be.

no equal to this fine lady editor simply the best

I consider jeani rector to be the best

Hands down. Simply the best editor ever.

Best editor ever!

very helpful and insightful.

Jeani is a fantastic person who is as fastidious as accepting and open minded. In my mind, that makes all the qualities of the perfect editor. Her correspondence is always professional, courteous and warm.

Jeani Rector is an extraordinarily helpful editor. She brings out the very best in her authors.

She's great, a tireless worker for new and emerging writers!!

Thorough and first class editing

Jeani Rector deserves this award because, damn it, she *is* the best editor, is active in her editing of stories, and has helped me grow as a writer through her comments and observations.

It seems that Jeani's heart and soul is into publication, and making sure everything is just right, not just for the publication itself, but for the authors. She comes at editing/publishing from a writer's viewpoint, it seems.

A very encouraging and hard working editor who gives plenty of feedback and nurtures talent.

A most supportive editor, with a good critical eye.

Jeani Rector has created and maintained the greatest horror zine in the universe!

She is extremely helpful to new writers. Always going above and beyond to get them started.

Jeani is one of the very few editors who will actually include helpful comments to her rejection letters. Bravo!

Jeani is passionate about horror and writing, and is easily the best editor in the business!

She does a great job - thanks Jeani for your effort.

She is a full black-blooded lover of all things that creep and fly and make you die. The stories, poems and art she publishes are top-notch and the horror world would be bereft without her. Michael Wolf

The Editor is hardworking and sees to it that poets such as myself are always informed of the magazine progress. Proofs are presented and the performance is professional. When we don-t see eye to eye on issues , Jeanni listens to the opinion and gives one a chance and allows the poet the upperhand because she understands that these works are by the poet. Of course, the printed books and ezines are of high quality and deserve praise. Saloni Kaul

I've been a fan of Jeani Rector's Horror Zine going on five years now. When it comes to horror, and anything dark or disturbing,every issue is something to celebrate. High caliber fiction, poetry, and factual articles on all things creepy; this magazine delivers. I read it not just for the sheer enjoyment, but for supplemental research as well. As an editor, on a scale of one to five, I'd rate Ms Rector a six and a half.

Great editor and person

She's a stickler, but I think she's one or the fairest editors I've met thus far.

Jeani Rector is a person who obviously cares for and supports the writers community by publishing helpful guides to getting published. Also, she posts lists of scams and problematic operators. She holds a high standard for the Horror Zine and gives the author a little feedback when their work doesn't fit. She is a winner!

Jeani Rector is wonderful at bringing out the very best in her authors. Timothy Wilkie

Jeani Rector is the number one editor. Love her!

Jeani is an extraordinary editor and an extremely kind human.

I have been following her work for years now - it's always more than fabulous.

Jeani is not only a very able editor, but very kind and thoughtful. She first approached me asking about my artwork, offering to feature it in the HorrorZine. Since then, it has always been a pleasure to work with her - she will always have my vote!

She is an expert at what she does, very personable & 'gets' writers. Her book on publishing short stories, for example, is worth its weight in gold & a bargain at 10x the price.

Jeani is a professional, helpful editor who produces a high quality e zine in The Horror Zine, which offers an excellent variety of work. The Horror Zine is one of the few e zines I look forward to reading every month. Jeani is definitely a top-notch editor.

Jeani is the most professional editor I know in connection with literary magazines. Sincerely, Claire T. Feild ctillandsia@gmail.com

Not only is HorrorZine a great zine, Jeani Rector has done so much for the community, consistently, with talent and a great eye for talent. This is a must go-to page every month!

Great Work!!!

Jeani Rector was one of the best editors I've worked with. Her feedback was invaluable and she was always accessible. She has made The Horror Zine a quality e-zine that's always interesting to read.

Jeani Rector really.deserves this, she is incredible to authors and chooses great fiction. It has been a pleasure to work with her.

Always responds in a timely manner. Jeani Rector is extremely professional. She is an excellent editor.

large aria of arts

She publishes the best stuff! Not just anything sent in. I know.

Jeani continues to put together an ezine which includes excellent 'drift-away-for-five-minutes' fiction which always captures my interest. She does a superb job!

Jeani is a Genius

Jeani rocks!

Jeani Rector is a sharp-eyed curator. Her attention to detail comes from the love of the horror genre, a high level of understanding, respect, and a preciseness that strives for nothing but the best. Jeani has built the Horror Zine as a haven for those to speak about the craft on all levels and all mediums. It is a place where everyone can gather to gain information, learn, and share with like minded souls. I am proud of Jeani Rector.

Editor Jeani Rector is always nice, precise, and professional!

So creative! So organized! So supportive and so thoughtful. A true lover of the genre.

Fun to eork with, sharp as a tack!

Jeani is one of the most friendly and helpful editors I have worked with.

It was a pleasure to work with Jeani Rector. I've never had an editor take that much interest in my craft. She worked closely with me to help edit my short story, enhancing it substantially and steering it in a direction that made it very compelling. Any new writer would be blessed to have an opportunity to work with her.

Excellent editor! She gives her all to making her ezine the absolute best.

She loves the magazine and has fun with it

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