Cyberwarfare... They weren't so lucky in the Universe Next Door
Neverworlds Press presents an alternate history cyberwarfare novel by science fiction writer and computer science professor Andrew Burt, a spell-binding tale of the universe next door where the computer bugs hatched -- and of cyberwarfare that could happen to us yet!

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All of the author's proceeds are being donated to the
American Red Cross
Entertaining and provocative.

Ed Bryant,
Two-time Nebula Award Winner
You've done a better job than Michael Crichton would have.

Prof. Mia Molvray, Oklahoma University
Andrew all reports is one of the world's true mensches.

James Patrick Kelly, Asimov's SF Magazine
Burt powerfully humanizes all the computer downfalls in a well-crafted novel.

Denver Post
Conscientiously considered and entertainingly written.

Locus Magazine

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January 1, 2000 --- The Future had Arrived

      Two young couples half the world apart are tested to the depths of their love and humanity when the seemingly harmless computer bugs explode, shattering the foundations of civilization. Each must choose between saving themselves and the society that makes them human.
      Morgan and Desiree Hyland, pragmatic and strong American baby boomers living on assignment in New Zealand, are unprepared for the madness unleashed at their family and must battle the terrible consequences of their own actions. Seven thousand miles from home and seven months pregnant, they must summon all their courage when they're swept apart and their baby's life is jeopardized.
      Secluded in a Y2K fortress in rural Colorado, Nate Zamora is a disenchanted GenX programmer who's given up trying to convince the world to prepare. He must defy a desperate government strangled by its own unpreparedness for cyberwarfare and ill-conceived emergency measures when his girlfriend, Amber, having astute foresight, vanishes into the night. Nate abandons the safety of his fortress to embark on an emotionally purifying quest to find her, help her--and learn from her.

Noontide Night is a thrilling and realistic portrayal of cyberwarfare, of how even small computer problems can bring unparalleled chaos to a once-civilized world.

      Bone-chilling authenticity.

Prof. Jonathon Sullivan, M.D., Ph.D., Wayne State University

Andrew Burt blends the expertise of a dozen years as a professor of computer science with the master story-telling ability of having published dozens of fiction tales. Dr. Burt is donating the profits from this book to the American Red Cross.

More praise for Noontide Night

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ISBN 0-9672984-0-7         320 pages         Trade Paperback (8.5" x 5.5")         $12.95