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Welcome to the Preditors & Editors / Critters Best Ever Readers' Poll
Horror Book

The Preditors & Editors / Critters Best Ever Readers' Poll honors the best works ever published and their creators. Vote for your favorites!

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19.4845 Khepera RisingNerine Dorman
29.0603 Frankenstein, or the Modern PrometheusMary Shelley
38.5857 DraculaBram Stoker
48.5402 Verses from a Deeply Darkened MindMary Genevieve FortierC
57.6031 SineaerElizabeth Massie
57.6031 RegretGabrielle FaustS3
57.6031 CarrieStephen King
57.6031 CarrieStephen King
57.6031 Vampire Earth SeriesE.E. KnightO
57.6031 World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie WarMax Brooks
57.6031 Night ShiftStephen KingC
67.5402 House of LeavesMark Danielewski
76.6031 The House on the BorderlandWilliam Hope Hodgson
76.6031 Haldis NotchKeith Pyeatt
76.6031 The RevelationBentley Little
86.5445 The ShiningStephen King
95.7273 Gray Shadows Under a Harvest MoonRoma GrayA
105.6031 Heart Shaped BoxJoe Hill
115.5402 The KeepF. Paul WilsonS1
124.6031 Ancient EnemyMark LukensS1
134.5402 PsychoRobert Bloch
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